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Hard Hat Report #10 - 1/9/18

Jan 9, 2018, 12:25 PM

This update finds the emergency room renovation at GRMC starting to come together. The temporary walls have been removed in lieu of temporary plastic walls in order to complete duct work. The nurses’ station has been set up and is now awaiting the input of glass. Glass doors have been installed in most of the exam rooms. The lighting has been placed and most of the ceiling tiles have been affixed in the grid. The next step of the renovation process will see the floor getting leveled out to get the floor coverings installed.

During the construction phase, the emergency department will be temporarily located on the second floor of the medical center, in the Sidd Potts Patient Care wing (east wing).

This relocation requires some changes to the emergency care entrance and parking logistics. The temporary emergency room entrance is now located at the corner of Reed Street and Fourth Avenue. GRMC has designated parking for ER patients in the lot near this entrance. GRMC recognizes these changes can be challenging for patients. To avoid confusion or frustration, security staff will be located near the emergency room entrance at all times to help guide our patients to the correct space. Additionally, there are red footsteps leading directly from the entrance to the temporary ER space.

GRMC ensures that operations will not be interrupted and will continue to run smoothly. We are thrilled to share this space with you upon completion. To view the current state of the emergency department, nearly five months into renovations, please visit our Hard Hat Report #10.