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Benefits at Grinnell Regional Medical Center

Health Insurance – GRMC is a self-funded group with Midland Choice as our PPO (preferred provider organization). We offer two health insurance options with different deductibles that apply for family and single plans. A prescription drug program and dental program is part of each plan. Children can be covered up to age 26. Eligibility for each plan starts the first of the month after the month hired. Click here to go to the HealthPartners website.

Dental Insurance – A dental insurance plan is automatically included with each health insurance plan. This plan pays 100 percent of a routine dental exam and teeth cleaning, limit two per calendar year. Cavity repair, tooth extractions, fillings, root canals, and gum and bone diseases that are nonsurgical, have an 80/20 coverage with a $25 deductible per eligible single or family member per year with a maximum of (3) deductibles ($75) per family per year. Orthodontia is also available at 50 percent coverage with a $25 deductible and a lifetime maximum of $1,500. Children can be covered up to age 26. Annual maximum for all other dental procedures is $1,500 per eligible member. Eligibility for each plan starts the first of the month after the month you are hired.

Vision Insurance – Employees are eligible to choose from two different vision insurance plans for themselves and their dependents.  Eligibility for each plans starts the first of the month after the month hired. Click here if you have an Avesis vision plan. Click here if you have the VSP vision plan.

FLEX Spending Account - Medical and childcare pre-tax reimbursement accounts are available to all employees. Medical is available only at the beginning of each plan year and is a pre-tax benefit to be used for medical/dental/vision expenses that are not covered by insurance. A master charge card debit program is available for use at all providers who accept MasterCard. Childcare reimbursement accounts are available within 30 days of hire. Click here to manage your flex spending account online.

Life Insurance - Life insurance coverage equal to the employee’s annual salary is provided at no cost to each employee. There is also coverage for spouse and children. Spouse coverage is $20,000. Children from the age of 14 days to 6 months are covered up to $500 and children from the age of 6 months to 19 years (age 23, if full-time student) are covered to $5,000. Employee may also purchase supplemental group life insurance. Eligibility begins after six months of employment.

Long-Term Disability - Long-term disability coverage is equal to 60 percent of monthly salary, if totally and permanently disabled with a 90-day waiting period at no additional cost to the employee. The 66 2/3 benefit is provided to all full-time employees after 10 years of service to GRMC at no cost to the employee. Eligibility begins after six months of employment.

Short-Term Disability – GRMC provides a Short-Term Disability plan with coverage equal to 50 percent of the employee’s monthly salary.  There is a 14-day waiting period.  Eligible after six months of employment.

Long-Term Care - All employees receive a base plan of $1,000 per month for long-term care facility up to three years or $500 for professional home care service, for a six year duration. Employees may purchase additional coverage for themselves or family members. Eligible after six months of employment.

Voluntary Supplemental Short Term Disability and Life Insurance - Employees are eligible to select from various levels of short-term disability to provide income replacement when unable to work due to a covered injury or sickness. Voluntary life plans can be tailored for your individual needs and help provide financial security for family members.

403(b) Pension Pay - Employees have the opportunity to contribute up to 100 percent of their annual salary up to the federal annual maximum. After 1 year of service and 1,000 hours worked, GRMC contributes one percent of the employee’s annual salary on a pre-tax basis into the pension plan.  Click here to go to the Empower Retirement website.