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Work Life Enhancement Benefits

Cafeteria and Neon CafeThe cafeteria food line is available six days a week from 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. Complimentary beverages are available in the cafeteria. The Neon Café service is available Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vending machines are available 24 hours a day. Charges for meals from the cafeteria and the Neon Café can be payroll deducted by using an employee picture ID badge.

Automatic Payroll Deposit - Paychecks are deposited in any checking and/or savings account in any bank/credit union/savings and loan in Iowa.

Health ServicesAll employees receive a post-employment offer physical, lab work, mantoux skin test, drug testing, and job placement assessment, if required for the position. These must all be completed prior to beginning employment. Emergency medical care is available through the emergency room for all work related accidents. Annually, each employee will receive a CBC, chem panel, plus a TSH and a lipid profile, at no cost.

Hospitalization - A private room is assigned, if available, at a double room rate to employee and immediate family members in their household.

Malpractice Insurance - All employees are covered under the medical center’s liability insurance while performing assigned work.

Celebrations - The Celebration Council is comprised of employees who plan and organize a number of recreational and social activities throughout the year for employees. Previous events have included special meals, coffee breaks, photo booth, and several outings at no cost to employees.

Wellness Center - The Paul W. Ahrens Wellness and Fitness Center is an off-site facility offering modern equipment, exercise classes, and personal coaching. Additional family members (living in the household) may join at a reduced rate. Employees may use payroll deduct for membership fees.

Gift Shop - The GRMC Auxiliary operates a gift shop, The Glass Gift Shop, with clothing items, gifts, cards, stuffed toys, and novelty items. Employees may use payroll deduct for purchases.

So-Sound Refresh Lounge - Our So-Sound refresh lounge offers samples of essential oil blends of Chai for relaxation, Headache Relief, and Muscle Ache Relief. You can also use the So-Sound lounger on your breaks or before and after work. The lounger is a non-medical system that uses the healing frequencies of sound to deliver sound and tactile stimulation to the mind and body simultaneously, providing a stress-reducing experience. A full range of harmonic resonance flows through for a whole body listening experience.

ICH Wellness Bucket - The ICH wellness bucket has an annual limit of $500 available to employees who successfully completed the ICH program. If your insured spouse completed ICH, he/she also has a $500 limit. All reimbursements will be returned to the GRMC employee. Reimbursements for all qualified receipts will be 20 percent. The program cannot be physician ordered and cannot be eligible for coverage by insurance or flex.

Some common examples of what can be reimbursed through the bucket:

               Fitness center memberships outside of Grinnell

               Weight Watcher weekly meeting fees/enrollment

               Jenny Craig enrollment (no food supplements)

               Personal training at GRMC Fitness Center or other fitness centers outside of Grinnell

               Class on how to use essential oils (excludes oil purchase)

               Cooking healthy classes

               5K entry fees

               Live Healthy Iowa entry fees

               Massage therapy 20% reimbursement (Postels only) for insured spouse who completed ICH

Massage Therapy - Postels Community Health Park is an off-site facility offering massage therapy services and essential oils. Massage therapy is offered at a discounted rate to all employees. Employees may use payroll deduct, or with a physician order, can use their flex account to make payment of services.