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Condition H(elp)

Condition H(elp) empowers patients. It provides a communication avenue for patients and/or their families who have a concern about the care, a change in the patient’s health, or patient’s well-being.

  • It is a resource telephone number that will activate a team of healthcare providers who will come to the patient’s room and discuss the concern and assess the needs. Additional medical care may be called should the patient need it.
  • It’s a resource available to families to assure they are receiving the best care possible.

The program is based on a common belief that those closest to the patient will notice subtle changes in their condition long before medical evidence is apparent. And family members may have knowledge that will benefit the patient’s outcome. For example, a mother knows when a child is “acting different.” Condition H addresses patients’ needs and uses the family’s and patient’s feedback and knowledge.

Condition H does not bypass regular communication with the patient’s physician or patient care team. This resource helps the patient or family if they feel they are not receiving adequate medical attention or being heard.