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Massage and Relaxation Services

AquaMed Treatment

AquaMed Treatment is a dry hydrotherapy treatment that combines the benefits of water, heat, and massage in a single modality, and allows the user to remain clothed and comfortably dry during the treatment.

Massage Services

  • Swedish Massage (the most common massage) is a system of long strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the muscles to loosen chronic patterns of tension and promote circulation and relaxation. Pressure can range from light to firm and usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension.
  • Chair Massage is administered while the patient is clothed and seated in a specially designed chair. This form of massage can be used at businesses, seminars, and different activities to relax and improve circulation. Corporate pricing available for special occasions or events. 
  • Hot Stone Massage features hot stones during the massage as an extension of the therapist’s hands. Heated stones are carefully placed on trigger points in the body and allows for a deeper relaxation and greater muscle release.
  • Couples Massage allows for a couple to enjoy a massage in the presence of each other. Separate changing areas are provided if needed. The massage eases first-time massage jitters as well as having all the other benefits of Swedish massage.
  • Massage Cupping is a technique that involves moving flexible silicone cups over your skin, along with stretching. The combined effect lifts the skin and superficial fascia over the underlying tissues.Combining cupping with massage enhances the benefits derived from massage – relaxation, pain relief, relieve muscle tension, and release adhesions and scar tissue.

Add On Treatments

  • Hot Stones - May be added during a massage. A few stones are used on problem areas to aid in muscle release.
  • Salt Scrubs - May be added to a massage or body wrap and applied to the hands or feet.
  • Paraffin - May be added to a massage and applied to hands, feet, or elbows. Strips may also be applied to specific areas.

Body Wraps

In this relaxation therapy, the body is first exfoliated and then comforting blends are applied. Blankets are wrapped around the body in a cocoon style to trap in heat. A face, scalp, and foot massage is performed for 20-30 minutes while the product is absorbed into the skin.

  • Aloe Essence (Aloe Vera Wrap)—Detoxifies and improves skin appearance. Revitalizing and relaxing. Eases sore muscle pain and immune boosting. Aloe vera juice mixed with massage gel can be customized to your choice of essential oils.

Body Scrubs

These services are excellent for heavy exfoliation. Salt glow scrubs introduce an invaluable source of nutrients and trace minerals to the skin for optimum skin health. Scrubs are provided in our shower room where the product is applied for a 60 minute treatment and then the client showers off the product.

  • Sea Salt Scrub—Used to exfoliate the skin and can be custom blended with essential oils.

Ear Candling

Involves the use of a hollow candle, made of beeswax, placed in the edge of the patient’s ear. The open end is lit and the flame acts like a vacuum in the ear, drawing out wax and other residues. When the candle is in the ear, the therapist massages the face, scalp, and neck toward the ear. This treatment can help with hearing concerns, sinus pressure, and puffiness under the eyes.


Essential oils are naturally forming chemicals that are extracted from different parts of plants which work as the plants defense system. These oils can be used topically or through inhalation to aid in a variety of ailments. Topically the oils are absorbed into the blood through the skinned areas of the body. Through inhalation, ailments such as anxiety and depression are influenced through the olfactory system. Aromatherapy is used in addition to the other services at no extra charge. 

GRMC offers essential oils that can be incorporated into massages. Individuals may also purchase oils to use in their personal lives at Postels Community Health Park and The Glass Gift Box.

For a complete list of options, stop by the Postels Community Health Park, 807 Broad St., Grinnell.

Throughout the year, Mix ‘N Go Essential Oil classes are held. Participants learn about essential oils, how they work and health effects. Plus, participants take home a personalized blend.

Essential Oil Special of the Month

  • September
    Stress Relief Roll-on: Roll this blend on pulse points, shoulders, temples, and neck to relieve stress with no side effects! $15

  • November
    Women’s Formula Roll-on: Roll this blend onto abdomen and lower back for pain or apply to wrist and ankle pulse points for relief of PMS and menopausal issues. $15

  • December
    Dragon’s Blood cream: The combination of Myrrh essential oil and Dragon’s Blood makes this a wonderful, quick-healing must for dry, cracked heels, elbows and hands. Even Dr. Oz says the Dragon’s Blood is the “best thing to use for cracked heels.” $12


Paraffin Treatments

Paraffin treatments begin with getting into a robe and sandals. The client washes his/her hands and face, then is brought into the treatment room where staff will wash the client’s feet. The hands and elbows are dipped in paraffin, then the feet, and last but not least the face and neck. Each area is wrapped and left to sit for 15 minutes. When the paraffin is removed, we massage each area to finish. The treatment lasts 60 minutes. This treatment can help with chronic joint pain, arthritis, tension, poor circulation, dry skin, and carpal tunnel pain.


Reflexology is a form of massage based around a system of points in the feet and hands thought to correspond, or “reflex,” to all areas of the body. Treatments are scheduled for 30 and 60 minute sessions.